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Hidden stories under the sand
Hidden stories under the sand

Exhibitions in Tirpitz right now

Explore the old bunker and meet us under the sand. Listen to the hidden West Coast Stories of shipwreck, precious amber treasure and forbidden love. Meet the Ice Age girl Ayla in the special exhibition "The last Mammoth – the first Human", and follow her out onto the large, windswept grass tundra where the last of the woolly giants lived.
Special exhibition

The last Mammoth – the first Human

Ayla and the last mammoth whisks the whole family away on an entertaining, educational journey back to the end of the Ice Age.

15.10.2021 - 31.08.2024

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Sidste mammut
Permanent exhibition

The Tirpitz Bunker

The old Tirpitz Bunker looks like a colossus in the sand but is really just a small remnant of Hitler’s gigantic bunker project: the Atlantic Wall. Visitors enter the bunker through an underground exhibition tunnel from the new museum building. Take a good friend by the hand and explore the gloomy World War II bunker.

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Permanent exhibition

Gold of the West Coast

Visit Western Europe’s most stunning exhibition of amber – Nordic gold. In a marvellous world among the trees of the amber forest, you can go hunting for genuine treasures created by the gold of the sea and fascinating, 40-million-year-old insects trapped in the golden drops.

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Havets guld
Permanent exhibition

Army of Concrete

In a landscape of bunkers – an army of concrete – you get to explore a multitude of stories of life on the West Coast during World War II. In each bunker you will meet a new person and hear their version of the story. A thought-provoking experience!

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En hær af beton
Permanent exhibition

West Coast Stories

20,000 years of West Coast history told through surprising, dramatic, interesting, gripping and chilling stories. The old lifeboat is waiting to take you on a voyage – but beware! Are you sure you will return home safely from this mind-blowing time trip?

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Den skjulte vestkyst
Glad vært i Tirpitz

Visit Tirpitz

Tirpitz is an experience for the whole family. The Danish architectural firm BIG has created the spectacular setting for an attraction hidden under the sand in the protected dune landscape at Blåvand.