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Den skjulte vestkyst
20,000 years of West Coast history
20,000 years of West Coast history

West Coast Stories

20,000 years of West Coast history told through surprising, dramatic, interesting, gripping and chilling stories. The old lifeboat is waiting to take you on a voyage – but beware! Are you sure you will return home safely from this mind-blowing time trip?

Sail Away on a Time Trip…

Do you dare jump into the lifeboat? Beware. You are in for a staggering 20,000-year trip through time. What if the boat capsizes during the rescue operation? Do you think you will cope with the reefs? The moment the mood of the exhibition changes and dogay slowly turns to ‘night’, you know it is time to be on guard…

All aboard the lifeboat!

From Mammoth Plains to Ridge Tent

The exhibition presents the best West Coast Stories from more than 20,000 years in an easily accessible and fun way. Explore the dunes and find the hidden stories that lie buried beneath the sand. The countless stories feature real objects to prove that they are actually true! Come and hear about mammoths in the North Sea, about unfortunate skippers, about the smuggling town of Sønderside, about shipping disasters and about the sand that was about to swallow up the whole of Jutland. You can also meet the first holidaymakers or listen to goodnight songs to the accompaniment of a guitar in the orange ridge tent.

Listen to a goodnight song in the orange ridge tent.

Dioramas and Total Show

We have selected the best, most dramatic and surprising West Coast Stories for the exhibition. The stories are told on small dioramas, each of which has its own special charm. The exhibition also features children’s activities for any child brave enough to poke their hand into the unknown. The exhibition changes every half hour (on the hour and half past the hour), when night falls… Please note that the last night show starts half an hour before the museum closes.


Bird’s-eye View

The map table provides you with a quick, bird’s-eye view of the development of the West Coast landscape from the Ice Age onwards. People adapted to the forces and changes of nature, but certainly made an impact on their surroundings too. All stories in West Coast Stories can be experienced 1:1 in the dunes, heaths and forests of the West Coast. Maybe you will find a dead man’s mountain next to the camp site or a great bunker story near the holiday home?

The experience continues

Did you know that the museum experience can continue after the visit? With the book West Coast Stories, you can dive even further under the sand and immerse yourself in the many stories from the exhibition. All stories are included in this richly illustrated book, written in an easily accessible language by Stina Troldtoft Andresen, who was responsible for the creation of the exhibition.

The book is part of a series published in relation to the activities of Tirpitz and shares the Museum’s same ambition: to enable visitors to the West Coast to delve deeper into the treasure chest of hidden stories. In this case the stories are about life in West Jutland over the past 20,000 years. The book is closely related to the exhibition, West Coast Stories. The book is mainly aimed at people who have seen the exhibition and who wish to go into the stories in a little more depth. But people, who have not yet seen the exhibition, but who are interested in great, thrilling, moving and dramatic stories about life in West Jutland from the end of the Ice Age to modern times, will also enjoy the book.

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Bring home the experience

Den skjulte vestkyst engelsk
The lifeboat looks totally innocent in the daylight …
… but when darkness falls, begins a fantastic journey through time.
Den skjulte vestkyst
Listen to fantastic tales of Vikings, sailors, sand dune migration and much more...
Den skjulte vestkyst
Show starts every half hour, on the hour and half past the hour.
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